Cannabis Delivery Process

Step 1

Join Our Community

Joining the Kindly Kush community is the first step of the cannabis delivery process and is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, create an account, upload Id (will be verified at time of delivery), and upload your MMIC or recommendation. We won’t be able to complete your order without it! If you need a recommendation, our partners at NuggMD can, for a modest $39 charge, get you set up with one in a few minutes. It’s fast, convenient, and secure – and you get 20% off your first purchase when you do!

cannabis delivery process

Step 2

Order Request
Place your order through our order center or online, and you will receive confirmation as soon as it’s received. If a change is required after an order is submitted, please contact Kindly Kush immediately to see if we can adjust the order. Please note that we do not guarantee that changes can be accommodated once an order is submitted.

Step 3

Delivery En Route

Once your order is routed, a driver will send GPS coordinates via text message with a link for their location and ETA. Please note that your driver will attempt to contact you via phone call to confirm your delivery and to make any special arrangements. It is imperative that you contact your driver back to confirm. Communication is key to a pleasant and safe cannabis delivery process!

Step 4

Delivery Approaching
Your driver will notify you when they are 15 minutes away. Please note that we will do our best to deliver as quickly as possible, however, delivery times may vary based on traffic and volume. Inclement weather and other factors may prevent us from meeting out ETA’s, so please be patient with us during these days. Our main priority is to process and schedule your order as fast and as accurate as possible!

Step 5

Meet Your Driver
You MUST be physically present to meet your driver and receive your delivery. If you are unable to accept your delivery, please call your driver to reschedule (a rescheduling fee may apply). The State of California requires that only you can accept your cannabis delivery. If other arrangements are required, please make sure that you have discussed in detail with your Wellness Advisor.
cannabis delivery process

Step 6

Pay and Enjoy

The final step in the cannabis delivery process! You driver will greet you and verify your identification and age (you to be 18+ years old), and confirm your physician’s recommendation or Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC). Once this is done, they will collect payment (cash or cashless ATM). If cashless ATM, they will hand you the payment terminal, ask you to swipe or insert your chip enabled card, enter your PIN, print and hand you a receipt, and ‘Dank You!’ for your order.

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